Gasoline Tanker Explosion Destroys MacArthur Maze Overpass: Traffic Nightmare to Effect 280,000 vehicles per Day!

The first photo is a typical nightmare commute that we Bay Area natives are all too familiar with in our everyday lives. Now lower your gaze to the second photo of the burnt and twisted wreckage of what was once a very prominent overpass connection in the MacArthur Maze. Now go back to the first photo- get the picture? Here is what happened according to various Bay Area news sources.

A early morning tanker truck explosion destroyed the overpass connecting the 580 and 24 freeways. The explosion, fueled by more than 8,000 gallons of gasoline, was said to have produced 2000 degree heat which virtually melted the steel re-bar and cement structure. According to KRON 4 news, the overpass that fell carried traffic from the Bay Bridge onto Interstates 580 & 980 as well as Highway 24.

The good news is that the driver of the tanker survived the crash and due to the early Sunday morning time of the incident, miraculously nobody was hurt or killed. It was just announced that the Bay Area public transportation systems (Bart,Ferry Boats, Buses) will all welcome passengers for Free in their Monday morning commutes.


2 thoughts on “Gasoline Tanker Explosion Destroys MacArthur Maze Overpass: Traffic Nightmare to Effect 280,000 vehicles per Day!

  1. I work in the compressed gas industry – high pressure compressed gas in tubes. We had one accident in 50 years where a driver left the road and a tube failed. We had NTSB all over the place and had to redesing the tube holders. Yet we have 3 – 4 gasoline tankers burn out highways and tunnels a year and no one ever seems to voice concern either about theior design (make them as light as possible so everything is aluminum) or about driving rules (mandate that partial loads don’t take road bends at over 25 miles an hour – or install liauid baddels that work).

  2. Bill,

    Thank you for your comment and interesting information from an industry inside perspective. I am sure more people would like to hear more about your thoughts on safety. Would you please consider giving us more information?


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