3208 Pierce Street #403 San Francisco–Price $202,590: Below Market Rate Unit in the Luxurious Marina District!


3208 Pierce, Condos for Sale, San Francisco





San Francisco’s renaissance continues with another major complex nearly ready for market: 3208 Pierce Street. This condominium project is located in the Marina District, a wealthy neighborhood reminiscent of a down scaled version of Rodeo Drive, the site of some of the worst devastation meted out by the quake of 1989.

Before that 7.0 tragedy hit San Francisco, the Marina district was largely comprised of “Old San Francisco.” The demographics were decidely in favor of retirees & 50 somethings who owned or rented, were quite wealthy, and who as a group were never figured to move from their locations. The neighborhood was a reflection of it’s demographics very expensive, clean, and a bit stodgy.

Months after the devastation that leveled a number of buildings in the Marina, many of it’s retired inhabitants either sold their homes or moved out of their rental flats. This mass exodus created an opening for change. Young yuppies and 30 somethings were unconcerned with the “dangers” of living in the Marina. The Marina was built on landfill so it took the brunt of the damage during the violent quake.

Consequently, over the years, the Marina has evolved into one of San Francisco’s most luxurious, upscale neighborhoods which caters to the young entrepreneurial wealthy home owners or renters. A 20, 30, and 40 something crowd with clout.

Which brings us to the property at 3208 Pierce Street #403. What is so special about this condo unit is that it is a Below Market Rate designated unit with a price of $202,590! For those folks that qualify, ie. first time home buyer & under a income cap, you get a fantastic unit filled with great features: 2 bedroom and 2 1/2 bathrooms with over 1,200 sq ft of living space- and the neighborhood too!



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