Santa Clara County Board of Realtors’ Marketing Meeting: Free Blogging Seminar!

April 20, 2007 SCCAOR marketing meeting was another example of grassroots marketing at it’s most effective. The meeting, attended by over 100 Realtors and affiliates, was a very fast paced trading of information. The topics included: Listings, Soon to List, Announcements, Buyers’ Wants & Needs, and a fine segment by today’s room sponsor State Farm Insurance. Yet with all of that information floating about the room, it was blogging that became the murmur amongst the attendees.

I made my second appearance at Campbell; included in this appearance was my second announcement of the upcoming free Blogging Seminar: “How to Create your Next Generation Online Presence” held April 26th in Campbell. (For more information contact me). Keynote speakers: Patrick Kitano author of nationally recognized Transparent Real Estate Technologies blog as well as a Inman News contributor and Kevin Boer nationally recognized author of 3Oceans Real Estate blog one of the most powerful Realtor blogs in the country. Both men are pioneers and leaders in the development of blogging as one of the most powerful marketing mediums available today.

At first I thought that my announcement had fallen on deaf ears. . . until the conclusion of the meeting. Sheila Kay-Broker, Realty World’s Rom Skierski, State Farm Insurance agent Matt Gallaway, and Ticor Title’s Adria Quinones all were eager to learn more. Of equal importance was the fact that all these people were going to announce our seminar via email and in office meetings in their respective businesses: viral marketing at the grassroots level. None of the flyers I printed for the meeting were left over upon conclusion-another good sign that the message is getting through loud and clear.

The following are the listings announced in today’s meeting:

*24 Shepherds Knoll, Pebble Beach: $699,500; Rom Skierski (408) 505.7300

*1980 Minna Way, San Jose: $799,000; John Leahy (408) 377.5999

*799 Macredes Ave, San Jose: $788,000; Sheila Kay (408) 737.8222

*1154 Delmas Ave, San Jose: Nadine Roos (408) 426.5028

*940 Crockett Ave, Campbell: Nadine Roos(408) 426.5028

*706 Cassaday Ct, San Jose: $330,000; Pat Dulleck (408) 927.6565 x11

*286 Briggs Ct, San Jose: Rick Funk (408) 629.6099

*28 Lemon Blossom Ct, San Jose: JoAnn Guercio (408) 379.2001

*4767 Clydelle Ave, San Jose: $412,000; Pat Dulleck (408) 927.6565 x11

I hope our up coming seminar will help to inform and inspire new bloggers throughout the Silicon Valley Real Estate community.


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