Extra Extra: Pigs Fly! Hell Freezes Over!

In a normal world, I would be writing and examining real estate and eclectic things related to the San Francisco Bay Area. On a normal day, my emphasis would be on people, places, or things. . . Today is NOT a normal day. Today my beloved & former San Francisco Warriors aka the Golden State Warriors have made their first NBA Playoff appearance in 13 years. Yes it’s only basketball but a lot has happened since 1993-94; the last year the Warriors were “in.”

In 1993 I was living in Sterling, Virginia, a Washington D.C. suburb, and part owner of a mortgage business in Rockville, Maryland. I was in the midst of negotiating the purchase of my first home a 2,580 sq ft. 3 level townhouse. With 3 master bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a new 500 sq ft deck off the living-dining room, this new construction was a gorgeous living space. The owner was a Florida doctor who was all too eager to unload his investment. The asking price? A staggering and over the market price of $175,000! The doctor would not budge on price and my preferred appraiser indicated to me that the property was valued at $152,000. I signed a lease option but I never purchased this property–did anyone gasp? What a “nice” lesson in stupidity. The property is for sale today. Asking price is $359,000.

Yes things were different back in the day. The internet was still an infant in the crib, gasoline was under $2.00 per gallon, minimum wage was hovering around $5.85 per hour, and cell phones looked like hairdryers. I was 34 years old, planning my escape back to California and my Golden State Warriors were a playoff team.

This morning Baron Davis and the boys ended the 13 year drought, the internet is an explosive technology ever changing, gasoline at my local station is $3.99 per gallon, minimum wage is hovering at $7.50 per hour, and cell phones have shrunk to thimble size. I lease a 850 sq ft San Francisco Pacific Heights condo, in a 101 year old building, valued at $700,000. Today Pigs are Flying and Hell is Freezing over & I love it!


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