Where Is Ed Okun: Federal Bureau Of Prisons Inmate Locator Snafu Or Is There More?

Reuters.com published this article on April 12, 2008

As if the Ed Okun embezzlement case does not have enough stress and heartache for the victims, aka “Train Wreck Victims” who lost their life savings, now a cursory check of the Bureau of Prison’s inmate locater shows the following status dated April 13, 2008 for Ed Okun: “RELEASED”

Although this is most likely an oversight, it is just another in the long line of shots these people have had to endure during their attempt to recover their lost fortunes.

This instance brings to mind the internet lightening strike regarding fabled drug kingpin Carlos Lehder of the Medellin Cartel. George Jung, a number of attorneys, and journalists have posited on the internet that Lehder never spent a night in jail–even though he was convicted for his part in the importation and distribution of over 250 Tons of cocaine.

Michael C. Ruppert’s killer story theorizes that Lehder became the US Government’s cocaine dealer, distributing cocaine to countries around the world, as a means to raise quick capital, covert off the records, utilized to support covert CIA operations in foreign countries. All of these activities, mind you, were supposed to be run without the knowledge of our government officials or citizens.

Ruppert also posits that Lehder’s wife was a high ranking manager for AIG insurance in San Francisco and that Carlos himself was hiding in plain sight in the Bay Area (East Bay) for years; all the while citizens and officials connected to the case were led to believe that Lehder was incarcerated for life.

Is Ed on his way to Virginia to stand trial, is he incarcerated in Miami, is this just a computer glitch, or is it possible that Ed Okun has more connections than we realize? Could Okun be useful to our government in a way that would facilitate his release? A far fetched notion but in the scheme of the many conspiracies and realities within American history–not impossible.

Does Corleone, Sicily, Research, and Ed Okun Have Anything In Common?

None of the three entities in my title have anything to do with each other. . . then again maybe they do? Is it possible that crooks research other crooks to learn new scams, methods, or pitfalls to avoid? Former convicts often say that prison is like college for crooks.

Has the internet become a free man’s encyclopedia to crime?

The following is an interesting visit to deansguide. Although it is impossible to label every citizen of a particular region, city, or country sinister. It is certainly entertaining to see the little visit that popped up today–and the subject of that visit:


What did my Corleone friend read? “Is This Where the 1031 Tax Group Victim’s Monies Disappeared?”

This article shows the “toys” in this case and what may have been the first hope that investors might recoup lost monies from the sale of Okun’s toys.

Like they say in real estate location, location, location. Whether Corleone or Palermo, the site of another reader on the Okun case today, as an Italian you always pay attention.

Ed Okun Denied Bond: Is the Man Behind the 1031 Tax Scandal Tapped Out?

Is Ed Okun flat broke? Has every last asset been seized by authorities in an attempt to pay back victims of the 1031 Tax Group rip off? My mystery caller made a surprise appearance today and raised some questions in my mind. Of course nothing can be completely verified but speculation can lead you to your own personal conclusions. The questions I am pondering:

1. If Mr. Okun was denied bond and is in jail in Miami is this a permanent fact due to the nature of Mr. Okun’s crimes or is there more behind this decision?

2. If Mr. Okun is not granted bond does this indicate that the government suspects that he has hidden monies or assets?

3. Could Mr. Okun’s citizenship be at stake?

4. Rumor has it that his attorney(s) in Virginia have bailed out. Is that an indication that Mr. Okun is indeed flat broke?

5. If Mr. Okun’s attorney(s) in Virginia do want out, does his Miami Attorney have plans to leave the case as well?

6. Why has mainstream media become disinterested in this case? Is $160,000,000 and hundreds of lives irrevocably altered not sexy enough for CNN and other major players?

7. Why is Obama and Hillary constantly campaigning for votes with the tired and controversial mortgage bailout WITHOUT addressing enforcement of unregulated investment vehicles like the 1031 exchange industry?

Where does all this leave the victims in this case? Waiting and hoping that more assets can be unearthed, liquidated, and made available to restitution funds.

“Hiding in Plain Sight” Spitzer and Okun: Did They Want To Get Caught?

Reuters.com published this article on March 25, 2008: “US News”

Reuters.com published this article on March 25, 2008: “Business and Finance” 

FoxBusiness.com published this article on March 25, 2008

Did Eliot Spitzer and Ed Okun want to get caught by the authorities? Spitzer held his career killing federal endictment insighting activities in Washington D.C.. The worst place to keep a political secret on the planet is Washington D.C..

In the same light, Ed Okun’s undoing may have come primarily due to a ill advised moment of weakness that foreshadowed the man’s apparent disregard for taking chances regardless of circumstances. Of the 3 charges Okun faces, the money laundering charge may be the most difficult to fathom–and the most embarrassing.

According to a federal indictment, Okun instructed employees to “smuggle” $15,000 in cash via courier, to his yacht in the Bahamas, in order to avoid federal currency reporting requirements. Costar.com’s Mark Heschmeyer provided a quote from the indictment that illustrates just how blatant and careless Okun had become:

“[C]ould you fed ex $15,000 cash (large bills and pad the package with paper on both sides so it looks like a thick document, you may want to put it in several envelopes so they can’t tell what it is) to me here in nassau people don’t like credit cards here. I would suggest cashing two checks one for 5,200 and one for 9,800 so you stay under the 10,000 cash reporting with the irs or better yet take someone else with you, you cash one and they cash the other. I need it sent priority next day to: Atlantis Marina, Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas, C/O motor Yacht Simone slip #4041, Telephone number 954-328-1481. Thanks, Ed.”

Just for the record, the excerpt within the above comment, “. . . I would suggest cashing two checks one for 5,200 and one for 9,800 so you stay under the 10,000 cash reporting with the irs or better yet take someone else with you, you cash one and they cash the other. . . “ brings up some interesting points:

1. IRS: Why would anyone ever mention the IRS by name in any type of communication when they are under federal investigation?

2. $10,000 IRS Reporting Limit: To my knowledge, the reason why the IRS instituted a federal law requiring any transactions $10,000 and above dates back to the Cocaine Cowboy days of drug smuggling and dealing in Miami. This was one of the government’s weapons against money laundering.

3. Employees or Partners: If Okun had “his” people committing unlawful acts is it possible that someone else may have been equally responsible for the $160,000,000 embezzlement? Or are we looking at a situation where there were just a large number of “associates” very willing to help Okun spend or steal from Okun himself? Nobody knows but questions remain.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Aristotle, Perry Mason: What Lies Beneath The Surface of The 1031 Tax Group Case?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the brilliant Scottish born Physician and creator of Sherlock Holmes utilized “Deductive Reasoning” to solve the unsolvable. Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, utilized logic to become one of the most important founding figures in Western Philosophy. Perry Mason, a fictional television attorney, was a brilliant tactician with foresight and instinct.

What can we learn from these three figures, fictional and real, when applied to the Ed Okun 1031 Tax Group case?


Sherlock would utilize Deductive Reasoning by taking the information in the case and then work from the general to the specific aka “Top-Down” approach.

Sherlock would begin with a theory about Ed Okun and his role in the 1031 Tax Group case. He would then deduce the information down into a “hypothesis” which he could test. Sherlock would then task Watson with remembering “observations” about Mr. Okun that would further address the hypothesis.

At this point “we are able to test the data a confirmation (or not) of our original theory.”

Analysis: Holmes would deduce that it is quite possible that hidden accomplices or a unknown “mastermind” may be behind the 1031 Tax Group case. With Watson’s constant nodding approval, Holmes could easily posit that “there is more than meets the eye here ole boy.”


Known as one of the father’s of Western Philosophy and founder of deductive reasoning, Aristotle’s greatest asset is his grounded belief in logic.

Aristotle would collect the facts, like Sergeant Friday, and logically eliminate what could not be proven. Working methodically, Aristotle would comb the financial records for connections that might shed light on Holmes deductive findings–unknown forces behind Mr. Okun.


With his hammer, detective Paul Drake, and his feather, the beautiful Della, Perry Mason would use his instinct to decipher the Okun mess. Is there a patsy, beside the investors, amongst the violators? Is Okun the front man or fall guy?

If nobody else exists in the Okun mess and he is the sole violator then why are there not more monies left over? Did this one man actually spend every last dime, pinch every last nickel from over blown refinanced properties, and did it all land in his lap as a result?

Your guess is as good as mine. Suffice it to say that there are many unanswered questions that may never come out let alone be answered. Like the old radio show only “The Shadow” knows.

Okun Attorney To Miami Herald: “Ed Is Confident He Will Be Proven Innocent In A Court of Law”

 Reuters.com published this article March 20, 2008

“Miami businessman Okun arrested in fraud scheme” is the Miami Herald’s Dan Christensen’s wonderful, succinct description of the events of the Ed Okun saga as it unfolds. Although most of the article is a recapitulation of information, some of the following passages paint a picture of recent events.

According to Okun attorney Rosen: ”He (Okun) was arrested early this morning by federal agents who came to his house while he was having breakfast with his wife and two-year-old child.”

Analysis: Mr. Rosen’s description of Mr. Okun’s arrest in front of Mr. Okun’s child is an obvious attempt to seek sympathy in the court of public opinion.

What about the unknown number of children who are sitting with their parents around a breakfast table trying to figure out what to do to make ends meet in the everyday real world?

What we know:

1. “Okun is being held without bond at Miami’s Federal Detention Center, according to his Coral Gables lawyer Michael Rosen.”

2. “Okun told The Miami Herald in December that his actions have been misunderstood.”

3. “More than a dozen alleged victims live in Florida, and include retirees, businessmen and even a former Broward Sheriff’s detention deputy.

4. The Miami Herald claims that Rosen will attempt to seek bail for Mr. Okun in Virginia

Analysis: Having lived in Virginia for 7 years, being told by natives that it is the northern part of the south, and witnessing the staunch very real conservatism the state supported–good luck

5. The “Simone” Factor: “The indictment says Okun had an employee overnight $15,000 in cash to him while he was aboard ”The Simone” while staying at the Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island in Nassau in January 2007.


FoxBusiness.com published this article March 18, 2008

Reuters.com published this article March 18, 2008

Dateline March 18, 2008 2:53 PST

Ed Okun embattled scam artist of the 1031 Tax Group fiasco has been arrested by Chuck Rosenberg US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia on 3 counts: Mail Fraud in connection with the 1031 Tax Group dealings, Cash Smuggling tied to a $15,000 Fed Ex delivery to the Bahamas, and the making of a False Declaration. If convicted, Okun faces up to 30 years in prison as well as substantial fines.

The entire story can be obtained through our friend Gerald McHale’s US Trustee website:

The Sources


This link provides two documents which outline Okun’s charges as well as a restraining order filed against Okun with a judgment against Okun for $132,015,000


The above link is to the breaking story on the United States Justice Departement website. Suffice to say that this story is for real

The Tips

Just 15 minutes ago deansguide received a call from the Miami “mystery caller” who tipped us to information on Ed Okun last summer; simultaneously we received two emails from long time supporter, and one of the 350 Okun “Train Wreck” victims, Elizabeth Callanan. Although the delivery was quite different, the message was quite clear: Ed Okun is being criminally charged.

Information will be provided as further details become known. But for now as this ongoing saga evolves, Ed Okun is behind bars–something most people thought would never happen in this case.

Are You Ready To Let Go of The Paycheck, Do You Understand Your Fears, Where Do You Go For Answers?

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If you answered yes to this question take heart–the answers to the steps to begin the process (your journey) are contained in this article.

In WebMd’s article “Fear and Phobias: The Top 10 Plus One”, Americans harbor fear for a variety of things including spiders, confined spaces, and the obvious fear death. Yet this list of human fragilities makes no mention of money, jobs, or the paycheck.

The omission of money, job, or the paycheck seems very curious since those are the top three (weight is a factor) most complained about maladies that people mention when you ask “So how are things going for you?”

On the other hand, Forbes claims that “50% of Americans dislike or hate their jobs” yet the fear of letting go of a paycheck and leaving the cause of such pain seems impossible to most people–until now.

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How Do I let Go of My Paycheck and Lose The Fear?

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You haven’t been shown that there is another way of looking at money

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Update: FAQ aka Where Are We Now In The 1031 Tax Group Case?

FoxBusiness.com published this article March 6, 2008

In the slow marathon that the 1031 Tax Group case against Ed Okun has become, it is ease to lose sight of where everyone stands. As a reminder, the following is information from the US Bankruptcy Trustee Jerry McHale’s website trustee1031TaxGroup.com. Although this information has been available to the public, for months in some cases, it serves as a reminder of contact information, links, and goings on within the case.

Contact Information:

1. Jerry McHale Court appointed US Bankruptcy Trustee
jerrym@trustee1031taxgroup.com; (239) 690.6497 and (239) 337.1178

2. United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York (212) 668.2870
3. United States Trustee US Department of Justice (212) 510.0500 and (212) 668.2255

Important 1031 Tax Group Resources

1. News: This links gives the latest news on the case
2. Case History: Time line of events throughout the case
3. Court Documents: Extensive PDF files of proceedings if waded through are sure to make you angry
4. Schedules and Deadlines: Very important to understand and keep up to date even at this point in the proceedings
5. Trustee’s Newsletters: If you want to see what Mr. McHale is going through, and he is very good, check what he is doing
6. Vehicles For Sale: Aka “Toys for Sale” this is an extensive list, with conditions-mileage-details, of all of the available Okun toys for sale including luxury cars, jets, helicopters, jet skis you name it it’s here as well as what has been sold. A can’t miss list!
*Note to view the toys go to the pdf file “List of Vehicles For Sale”

The last and most interesting link, Frequently Asked Questions aka FAQ, contains the standard questions regarding recovery. The most intriguing questions were the last two:

11. “Many of the employees for Mr. Okun were not paid for the time they worked nor did they receive severance they were promised in writing. Is there any chance they will receive the money owed to them?”

A-“If you worked for any of the following entities which have filed bankruptcy petitions you may be entitled to file a claim in that case.” Go to the FAQ link for a list of the companies involved

12. What efforts is the Trustee undertaking to put Mr. Okun in jail?

A-“The Trustee deals only with civil matters related to the case. The US Postal Service and the United States Attorney’s Offic, both of whom deal with criminal matters, do have ongoing investigations and the Trustee is cooperating with those agencies with their investigations.”

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