20 Questions to Test Your Social Media IQ

What is your social media, social networking, Web 2.0 IQ? If you are selling services or products to anyone under the age of 60 then you need to have at least a cursory understanding of social media. The following test is a simple tool meant to help you gauge your overall knowledge. If you have better questions please leave your questions in the comments. The answers will be forth coming in the next post on social media IQ. If you are unable to answer all of these questions it may be a sign that you could brush up on your knowledge.

Test Your Social Media IQ

  1. Many people have been credited with coining the phrase Web 2.0 yet one man is most recognized for this phrase and concept- name him
  2. What does the acronym RSS mean?
  3. The term “blog” is short for what term?
  4. What is a hyperlink?
  5. Facebook requires that you create a ____________ before you can create a business _____________
  6. Define SMS
  7. Twitter is based on SMS but is considered a micro version of ?
  8. How many characters can you use when creating a Twitter “tweet”?
  9. When creating a blog article you need to tag the article- Why?
  10. What is the difference between a blog article and a blog post?
  11. Define the word “ping” as it relates to blogging
  12. Which social network had the first IPO?
  13. What country did the company Baidu originate and what does it do?
  14. Google owns Youtube but what is the most important thing they have in common?
  15. Google owns Orkut; what is it and what country is it most popular?
  16. What is Hootsuite?
  17. Name the “B” grade actor that beat Larry King & CNN to 1,000,000 Twitter followers
  18. What is Quora?
  19. What is Foursquare?
  20. What is a WAN, LAN, and wifi?

7 Must Read Social Media Sites for the Beginner

How often do you seek out new sources to read in order to educate yourself on social media and the rapid changes in social networking? Do you get comfortable with the long time favorites or do you seek out new sources. For those of you just beginning to follow the sea change in communicating and connecting we are experiencing, the following list should give you a basic starting point from which to draw.

Social Media Reading

Fastgush.com: a small site but very active, Fastgush often presents article from a different perspective than the big boys

Venturebeat.com: Venture capital news, funding, startups, reviews, gaming and so much more

Mashable.com: the biggest most successful social media blog, Mashable has a Webster deep library of how to guides, breaking news, and content avalanche

Techcrunch.com: the granddaddy of technology news blogs, Michael Arrington made a fortune and name for himself

Alleyinsider.com: easily the most entertaining, snarky, serious social media news source of the bunch. Fantastic writing, analysis and breaking news

Readwriteweb.com: excellent analysis, how to guides, and breaking news. Well written and diverse resource

SocialMediaToday.com: solid how to guides, articles, and objective analysis of social networks and 3rd party applications

Social Media Research to Make You Smarter

A huge part of learning more about the Web 2.0 revolution is staying informed about the trends and developments. The following is a research list of sites I read to stay up to date as much as possible. Are you reading about social media? Here’s where I began.

Top Social Media Web 2.0 Research & News

Jyri Engstrom’s Ditto: Future Check-ins Changing Geolocation

Combining both the algorithmic recommendations with recommendations flowing in real time from people you actually trust on your social network. That’s the holy grail, potentially that could replace the Google search we do todayJyri Engstrom

In his interview with Robert Scoble, Jyri Engstrom described what he called the “holy grail” as combining both the algorithmic recommendations with recommendations flowing in real time from people you actually trust on your social network. As a marketer, I have been waiting for somebody to provide a geolocation tool that gives us what Foursquare can not: future actions. Ditto the new geolocation iPhone app, created by Jyri Engstrom, is about to revolutionize the geolocation world and that of marketers.

What is Ditto?

Ditto is an iPhone app built by Co-founder of micro-blogging platform Jaiku and former Google executive Jyri Engstrom. Robert Scoble broke the news about Ditto and summed it up best:

“Foursquare lets you tell friends and businesses where you are. But today Ditto (an iPhone app) lets you tell those same people and businesses where you’ll be.”

Ditto: Leveraging the Future

Here are some of the interesting facts, significant differences, advantages, and benefits of Ditto for marketers:

  • Social Objects: unlike Foursquare, Ditto is not just about location. Social Objects according to Jyri are those things we “hang conversations around and pivot around”
  • Decision Points: people checking-in on Foursquare have already made their choice. Ditto allows marketers to “catch people before they arrive at a location or decision”
  • Discovery: according to Jyri, Ditto is about discovery. “It’s about a book to read, music to play and download, a movie to see, or a restaurant to go to
  • Lead Generation: it allows marketers to provide “advanced offers” that may solidify a future check-in
  • Competition: unlike Foursquare, Ditto allows marketers to compete for consumers and persuade them to change their decisions about a social object or location. Bring people to your product or service
  • Stream: a huge advantage Ditto has over Foursquare is the fact that Ditto allows users to see the stream of their friends and the stream of future check-ins by people they are not connected to in any way. Users can access information of future check-ins by vicinity
  • Partnership: Ditto has a syndication deal with Foursquare where upon arrival at a location of your future check-in, once within a predetermined distance, your arrival will be streamed to Foursquare as a Foursquare check-in

Tweetstats.com: Graph Your Twitter Statistics

Tweetstats.com is a fantastic visualization tool that allows user to graph their Twitter statistics providing a valuable visual presentation. The primary goal is to understand and measure your effectiveness on Twitter if you are a marketer. Tweetstats.com allows users to view their own stats or that of another user. Load times for your analysis depends upon your level of activity (or that of your subject) on Twitter.

Tweetstats.com Stats “Stats”

  • Graphs of your Twitter clients
  • Users you RT and speak to the most
  • How often you tweet
  • Tweets per hour
  • Tweets per month
  • Tweet timeline
  • Reply stats
  • Your tweet density
  • Your favorite times to tweet

Parkwhiz.com: Find Your Dream Parking Spot

Have you ever dreamed of driving into your favorite sold out concert, sporting event, or major bash knowing you would have a front row primo parking space just waiting for you? If you have the willingness to pay a premium, I have the service you have been waiting for all your life: ParkWhiz.com .

The following is a description provided by ParkWhiz on how they can help you find the impossible parking spot.

ParkWhiz: How it Works

Get a guaranteed, reserved parking spot near hundreds of top destinations across the U.S. using ParkWhiz.

Find Your Parking

ParkWhiz.com offers reserved parking for hundreds of locations across the US, including stadiums, theaters, and airports.


When you find parking that meets your needs, you can reserve it immediately at the specified price. Click the Reserve Now button. Your parking is fully paid for – there are no extra fees or surcharges when you park.

Print or E-Ticket

After you successfully purchase your parking space, you’ll instantly receive an electronic ticket for you to print at your convenience. Select locations also offer the option of using an e-ticket on your smart phone.


When you arrive to park your car, present your ParkWhiz reservation receipt to the parking attendant who will show you to your parking spot. Your reserved spot is already paid for and waiting for you, so just park and be on your way!

How Important is Influence Within Social Media?

Influence is a hotly debated subject within Social Media circles. Many people believe that your influence, within social networks, is your most valuable commodity. Others believe that influence is often overrated and rarely measured with all relevant factors taken into consideration. Yet long before social media existed, influence was often considered critical in the sales process. Whether you believe in it or not you should consider Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence: Science and Practice”

Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence

  1. Reciprocation: If you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you
  2. Scarcity: It’s easier to tell something that people perceive as popular and in short supply
  3. Authority: The customer will believe in you if you’re knowledgeable
  4. Commitment: If your customer publicly commits to an order or request, he’s likely to go through with the sale
  5. Liking: Ever bought something from someone you disliked? Every turned down someone you liked?
  6. Consensus: It’s easier to close a sale if everyone around is also buying your product

Do You Remember These Social Media Events?

Because it is fun and often revealing to look back into history, the following is a brief look at some interesting Social Media milestones. If you have other milestones not included in this lineup, via Mashable’s “The History of Social Media (InfoGraphic)”, give us a shout.  Here are some that stood out.

The First Email

How many people know this fact? We never thought it was this early in our evolution.

The Globe

Do you remember this social network? It was definitely a precursor of things to come in the Dot.Com meltdown.

Social Matrix: Is It Really This Big?


Friendster the grandfather of all social networks is still alive and well? It is interesting that few bloggers challenge the registered user statistics for all social networks. Twitter, a micro-blogging site, most likely mirrors blog attrition numbers yet nobody challenges them. Of the 190M+ registered users on Twitter, how many accounts are abandoned, run by bots, or the product of single users establishing multiple accounts? The same question for Facebook could reveal a much lower number of actual users. As we continue to see growth and adoption, what is the relevance of true registered user numbers in understanding the impact of each network? Only time will tell how far we have actually evolved.

10 Simple Ingredients to Utilizing Social Media

Understanding how to leverage social media is like learning to cook. No matter how sophisticated your skills become, the best way to “cook” is to stick to the simple ingredients. Keep it simple stupid aka KISS rule is the most effective advice I can give any of the late adopters just beginning to understand social media. What does it mean to stick to the simple ingredients?

10 Simple Ingredients to Utilizing Social Media

  1. Plan: you must have a master plan for your Social Media efforts
  2. Objective: identify your goals and business objectives in utilizing Social Media
  3. Networks: identify which network(s) you will utilize.
  4. Audience: where are your customers/prospects? Which social networks are they using?
  5. Tools: identify which tool(s), third party applications, that will help you automate and save time in executing your plan
  6. Measurement: how will you measure your Social Media efforts? Without measurement strategy, you will never know how effective you are or can become
  7. Honesty: be true to your style, your company mantra, stay within your philosophies. Don’t be something you are not
  8. Communication Mix: do not spam a network with hard sell messages. Ensure your communication mix is giving value 70% and serving your sales needs 30% of the time
  9. Avatar: use pictures of people, or you, as often as possible when branding your social network profile
  10. Commitment: if you are going to utilize a social network then you must be present, communicate, and engage consistently. This is not a part time endeavor!