Realtor’s Sales Tool For San Francisco


The latest tool available to San Francisco Bay Area Realtors, selling San Francsico real estate, is the new site Launched by city government, the site is a comprehensive housing mechanism for data sets about San Francisco. The data sets provide Realtors with crucial information that can detail life in the city down to the neighborhood.

What is DataSF?

“DataSF is a clearinghouse of datasets available from the City & County of San Francisco. Our goal in releasing this site is:
(1) improve access to data
(2) help our community create innovative apps
(3) understand what datasets you’d like to see
(4) get feedback on the quality of our datasets.”


The following is a list of the data sets collected by

Realtor’s Demographics Tool: US City Statistic Machine


The following tool was featured on emily chang’s excellent site eHub. eHub is a fantastic tool for bloggers in search of content, Web 2.0 entrepreneurs looking to stay up on the latest business models, and for anyone interested in new tools that make our lives easier. Thanks go to you Emily!

Rapid access to accurate information that comes from valid sources is the key to Realtor’s staying in tuned with their market, concerns facing buyers and sellers, and proving themselves valuable resources of information. One very simple, speedy tool that delivers instant city statistical information is the site

What is icitydata’s value

According to icitydata: “Overall, iCityData strives to give the common person a simple yet effective database of accurate city information.”

How Does it Work?

You can search for city information categories:

1. Demographics

2. Social

3. Economic

4. housing

5. Zip codes

6. Area Codes

7. City Maps

Realtor Tip: City Comparisons

Visitors can also compare two cities based on the city name, zip code, or area code – a feature that proves useful for real estate agents, families looking to move, anyone planning a vacation, and more.

Published Article Resource Guide: deansguide’s Real Estate Industry Articles Published on, Reuters, And

Today is the launch of deansguide’s “Published Article Resource Guide” page created to provide a quick, organized, and easy to utilize go-to source of how to’s, tips, guides, and steps to improve your business. This page and subsequent published article resource guide pages will be located on the right sidebar just below the “archives” page on deansguide.

The first installment is the Page titled: deansguide’s articles published

The focus is on the real estate industry but these articles can help anyone needing an infusion of new ideas, strategies, or solid advice.

How do I know these articles are worthy of your time?

Everything on this reference page has been reviewed by professional editors and published by Subsequent pages for articles published by UK World News and’s “The Professional Network Small Business Resource Center-Small Business Tools” will be created in a few days.

If you like this idea and have comments, questions, or tips please leave your impressions below or email us at

WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg Raises $2.9M In Funding: Blogging Can No Longer Be Ignored By American Media Or It’s Advertising Clients

Today marks the turning point and trumpets the arrival of the sea change in American media and culture; the revolution begins as the preeminent open source software platform for blogging, WordPress, creator Matt Mullenweg has received $29.5 million in a series B Funding for his company Automatic.

This event validates, legitimizes, and transforms the once thought art form ramblings of a dissident few into the collective “citizen journalistic” revolution of the next generation multi media channel in America.

This event is akin to Ray Kroc applying factory assembly line processes to a small hamburger stand and changing the way Americans ate out. Food cooked fast, delivered faster, with a smile and little wreckage to your wallet.

If you remain skeptical then you MUST read Om Malik’s awesome article “ Creator Raises $29.5M” which gives the story of creator Matt Mullenweg and his role in the explosion of the blogosphere crashing the traditional media’s stranglehold on news.

In my opinion we bloggers are perceived and mislabeled similar to the rantings that accompanied the name Andre Agassi when he first burst upon the tennis world. Andre was about “image” but as we all came to find out–Andre had great substance and style. He won with class and he won often.

Analysis: We (bloggers and consultants) continually stand up and make the unabashed statement that “Blogging is the sea change and next generation marketing that will change the media world as we know it” and today is another large granite block in the foundation of that posit.

* For those business owners, especially Realtors-brokers and mortgage brokers, to ignore the declining readership numbers and declining advertising revenue dollars of the large print media giants is to ignore the sea change.

* For those business owners to ignore the fact that former writers and prominent journalists are creating blogs and selling their offerings through ad based models essentially becoming their “own brand” is to lack vision. These journalists are leaving the constrictions of their newspapers and branding the same way real estate brokers have been branding their businesses for years.

* The most obvious signal that the real estate industry should adopt blogging comes with the simple fact that major print media newspapers are now requiring their writers to blog, they are hiring outside bloggers to write for them, and they are establishing their own ONLINE newspaper sites (ie. NY Times and WSJ) to capture the lost revenue they are leaking due to the internet and blogging revolution.

Resource Guide of Bloggers: The following list includes bloggers who are helping to transform and revolutionize the media landscape as we know it through their efforts. These bloggers are providing (free of charge) valuable and business changing information, strategies, tips, how to formulas, guides, and list. There are thousands of dollars worth of free information jammed packed into this list. Take advantage.

Patrick Kitano
Kevin Boer
John Harper
Brad Andersohn
Melanie Narducci
Director Tom
Thomas Marban
Zoli Erdos
Susan Hanshaw and

Experts Board: deansguide’s Plan For Best of Breed Business Directory

scientist.jpg published this article Jan 23, 2008

Everyday I am asked by someone in business or personal dealings “Hey Dean do you know someone or a company that can do____?” Because of this demand for best of breed services and products, I am currently compiling a “Experts Board” which will perform the following functions:

1. Best of Breed Services: A group of companies and individuals, friends and contacts, that have high standards of practice chosen by deansguide for their professionalism.

2. One Stop Shop: A yellow pages type directory that allows deansguide readers the opportunity to locate, on a global scale, a multitude of services and products.

3. Networking: The opportunity to contact Expert Board members to initiate networking and possible synergy with your company.

The format will remain simple. We will provide pages with a description of the service/product, a short bio, and links to our experts. The idea is to make it simple, fast, and convenient to contact and begin communication with our expert friends at deansguide.

Please gives us feedback by commenting on this idea and any suggestions you would like to see integrated into the Expert Board directory.

WebGuild’s Web 2.0 Conference & Expo Silicon Valley: The Future Of Real Estate Marketing


If you are a Internet marketing professionals, Web 2.0 professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, real estate brokers, or product marketing managers then you should attend the WebGuild Web 2.0 Conference and Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley-Santa Clara, California.

Why should you attend?

1. Cutting edge topics: Information about the Web 2.0 World and marketing

2. Keynote speakers: luminaries from Yahoo, Google,, Oracle, Intel and top companies

3. Web 2.0 Startups Profile: See the newest business models, technologies, and ideas

4. Network: Gain exposure with top companies, new entrepreneurs, make contacts, gain customers

What will you learn?

5. Web 2.0: technologies, strategies, techniques, opportunities and risks.

6. Successful Business models: Secrets to success and ongoing development

7. Trends: the direction Web 2.0 is going and how to leverage this path

8. Best Practices: See what is working and why

The sponsors of this event are a who’s who of Web 2.0 and technology:

Google; Intel; Sun Microsystems; Zoho; Mzinga; andiamo; chirp; Bloofusion; OpSource; Position 2; Groove;, and Mashable.

The registration cost for the conference is $299 for members and $399 for non members.

Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #3: Google’s Philosophy–Broker’s Guide To Staying In Business’s Professional Network Small Business Resource Center published this article January 12, 2008:

In Tool Kit #3 (Part 2) we will explore the second 5 truths that Google has discovered in doing business successfully. The biggest issue brokers and agents face is that the majority of the industry hates change, is unwilling to change with the times, constantly fights to horde information that the public already has access to, and does not understand that their revenue model is being challenged and will change in the near future.

If you are a broker looking for new ideas then take a deep breath–you may not like the following list.

6. You can make money without doing evil
: Google’s revenue model is advertising. What differentiates Google is that they are very strict to adhere to the philosophy that they will only display advertising that is relevant to the search results of each page. “. . . only certain searches produce sponsored links. . . Google firmly believes that ads can provide useful information if, and only if, they are relevant to what you wish to find. Google will never breach customer trust on this issue.

Q: Are you certain that you are providing your customers with relevant information, useful services, and things that the customer wants without forcing them to wade through unwanted or useless information or services?

7. There’s always more information out there: “Once Google had indexed more of the HTML pages on the Internet than any other search service, our engineers turned their attention to information that was not as readily accessible.”

Q: Is your company constantly looking for new information, improving your business procedures, and attempting to educate your “human capital” on an ongoing basis?

8. The need for information crosses all borders: “Though Google is headquartered in California, our mission is to facilitate access to information for the entire world. . . We also offer a translation feature to make content available to users regardless of their native tongue.”

Q: Do you make your brokerages’ information easily accessible to your niche as well as a broad audience, are you sitting on your “local porch” and ignoring opportunity, and do you have tools in place to measure your audience’s response to your information?

9. You can be serious without a suit: “Google’s founders have often stated that the company is not serious about anything but search.” Although they have the most eccentric corporate benefits from gourmet cafes, bicycles, grooming, gourmet coffees, educational opportunities, and other incredible perks, Google always puts users first when it comes to there services.

Q: Does your agents and staff give off an air of superiority, haughtiness, or blatant snob appeal? Is everyone in your organization galvanized toward an overall company goal and purpose? Do your people perceive themselves as hard working or busy when in reality they are neither?

10. Great isn’t good enough: Like Nordstrom’s mantra “Under promise and over deliver”, Google believes in delivering more than expected. Google “does not accept being the best as an endpoint. but a starting point. “Google takes something that works well and improves upon it in unexpected ways. . . This constant dissatisfaction with the way things are is ultimately the driving force behind the world’s best search engine.

Q: Can you say that you are running your brokerage with your customers as your top priority, constantly searching for new ways to improve your services and procedures, and are you on a never ending quest to stay in front of the technology curve that is reshaping your industry?


Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #2: Google’s Philosophy–10 Things Google Has Found To Be True published this article Jan 10, 2008

The standard operating procedure for most businesses is to push forward their mission statement as the end all be all road map to success. The most successful and influential company in America right now is Google and Google has a corporate philosophy worth examining. The following is Part 1 the first 5 of the list of “10 Things Google has found to be true.If you are a Broker what are the truths about your company, philosophy, and industry? Take a look at this list and identify how you measure up to Google’s standards:

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow: “Google has steadfastly refused to make any change that does not offer a benefit to the users who come to the site. By placing the customer first Google has built “the most loyal audience on the web. . . that growth has come through word of mouth from one satisfied user to another. Viral marketing power without the expense of mass media advertising.

Q: Can you say the same about your broker site?

2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well: Google does search. They hire the absolute best talent available to perform research. Their findings often evolve into new profitable and beneficial products but they never change their focus.

Q: Can you say that you hire the best talent for one focused service niche in your industry?

3. Fast is better than slow: “You want answers and you want them right now.” Google did not follow their industry’s long held assumption that “large servers were others assumed large servers were the fastest way to handle massive amounts of data. Google found networked PCs to be faster.

Q: Can you say that you are eliminating outdated industry philosophies (like IDX Web 1.0 sites rather than blogging) and searching for better processes to make your brokerage more efficient and fast?

4. Democracy on the web works: In the search business Google’s success goes hand in hand with other websites, content providers, and the public that utilizes them all.

Q: Can you say that you have partners in business whose business gets better because of your brokerage? Does the result of this partnership benefit the client?

5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer: The world is increasingly mobile and unwilling to be constrained to a fixed location. Wherever search is likely to help users obtain the information they seek, Google is pioneering new technologies and offering new solutions.

Q: Can you say that your brokerage and agents utilize the most up to date wireless technologies (PDA’s,Cell phones, virtual signatures, etc) producing a faster, easier, more seamless transaction and experience for your customers?

Part 2 of Survival Kit Tool #2 will focus on the second 5 truths that Google has discovered.

Hillary Clinton’s “Unintentional” Lesson For Realtors: Work-Life Balance, 3 Steps To “Stabilize” Your Life

The balance between work and life remains one of the biggest challenges facing Realtors, corporate America, and individuals today. Never was it more prevalent in a more public forum than in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emotional response to a campaign question in New Hampshire:

“How do you do it. . . how do you keep so upbeat and wonderful?”

Therein lies the question that we all struggle to answer on a daily basis and one that Human Resources Directors and other top people capital managers struggle with in their organizations:

How do we keep our human capital from feeling overwhelmed with work, guilty about neglecting life-family issues, and freshly optimistic?

Here are 3 steps in alleviating the challenges of a demanding career and life-family balance:

1. Awareness: Recognize your challenges in managing the time between a demanding career and life-family time, admit that the challenges actually exist and are causing discomfort in your life, and plan to take action toward a solution

2. Ability to Create: Recognize that you have the power to create your reality by utilizing your thoughts as the building blocks that create the reality that you wish. Outside influences of work or family are nothing more than excuses we use to delay our taking control of the situation at hand

3. Intention: Often confused with desire (desire is the wanting or wishing of something with no action plan in place), intention is a powerful method of concentrated focus combined with a action plan. Your intentions provide the basis for your desired results in every aspect of your life.

Conclusion: The majority of people are willing to allow outside circumstances, undue influences, and burdensome “addictions” dictate the events in their daily lives. Yet there is a better more spectacular alternative to giving up control of your life. The alternative is to understand that your thoughts create the building blocks for your reality ie quality of life. Each thought, with the guidance of a clear and focussed intention, brings you one step closer to realizing what it is you wish to accomplish, experience, create, or enjoy. The outside world has always been looked upon as the controlling factor in our lives when in realty it is our thoughts within us that hold the key to our best realized life.

Top 20 deansguides articles in 2007: Part 2 Real Estate Resource Guide

The follow list is what I consider the Top 10 articles bringing information and value to Realtors and the real estate industry. The list of tips, warnings, and posits should be considered a helpful guide and push for Realtors to adopt blogging, understand Web 2.0, and step into the next generation of marketing. I hope this helps industry professionals survive and thrive the coming 2008 Housing market:

1. Realtor Survival Tool #2 Wake Up and Pay Attention: Networking Is Like Location. . . Network, Network, Network: This article provides an interview with one of the country’s best mortgage professionals Brian Brady, 6 Tips on How to network online and in the real world, a secret (the power of women’s organizations), and a reference guide by author Jeffrey Gitomer “Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets To Networking Your Way To Rich Relationships.”

2. Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #3 “Blogging”: Your Online Marketing Presence, Moving Resume, Referral Machine: This is a beginner’s warning and wake up call, description of blogging, and what makes blogging the most powerful marketing tool in the real estate industry only a tiny percentage of Realtors utilize—RIGHT NOW.

3. Realtor’s Down Market Tip #8: If You Refuse To Blog Here Are 15 Reasons To Convince Your Broker To Blog: This is a warning and wake up call to Realtors and their brokers. The 15 reasons are statistics compiled by Blog World and New Media Expo. These statistics have been supported and backed up by NAR,, and other leading sources of online information about the explosion of Web 2.0.

This is a ready to go case argument for a Realtor, who for an unknown reason refuses to blog, who wants their Broker to pay for and provide a blogging platform.

The best network multi user blogging platform consultants in the world reside here in the San Francisco Bay Area: Pat Kitano and Kevin Boer of Domus Consulting Group. Consequently I am providing the argument and the providers of the solution.

4. Step #1 For Realtors To Understand Real Estates Paradigm Shift: Your World Is Changing Do Not Get Left In The Dust: This article was inspired by Tommy at therealestatebloggers article “Newspaper Advertising Down, Online Advertising Growing, You Make The Call.”

Therefore Step #1 for a Realtor to understand this paradigm shift is to cease being a salesperson. The point? The blogosphere tone is give without asking, provide without selling, create without strings attached. Become a trusted provider of valuable information rather than a pushy self serving sales person.

5. 5 Tips To Generate Realtor Site Content: A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Your “Content” Library: The biggest perceived challenge by Realtors to blogging is coming up with content for articles. The reality that is one the easiest challenges to eliminate. This article is a step by step guide to creating content for your blog.

In addition I have sited and Guy Kawasaki as major rich sources of ideas for articles as well as people to watch.

6. How To Start Your Own Business–Tool #2: What Differentiates Your Business?: In today’s real estate market or in any business environment this simple truth remains: what makes you different and better than the rest of the competition? This article outlines my start up and the differentiating factor. The article’s benefit is to raise awareness of the need for a differentiating factor, identify the challenges your target market must solve, and then apply your differentiating factor as the solution to these challenges.

7. One Of The Best Internet Guides For Realtors: “Rule The Web–How To Do Anything And Everything On The Internet-Better, Faster, Easier. Powerful site BoingBoing’s creator Mark Fruenfelder’s awesome guide on how to do virtually anything on the internet is such a powerful resource.

If I were a real estate broker I would buy this book for my entire team!

8. “Joe Realtor” Beware: Online Reputation Management And Blogging’s Critical Roll In Keeping Your Good Name: This is a warning that every Realtor should heed. It lists the review sites where consumers can and do write their feelings about their experiences with real estate professionals. Pay attention as this is a very important aspect of the new Web 2.0 world that is going to gain momentum.

9. Realtors, Brokers, and Mortgage Professionals Watch Out: Department of Justice Antitrust Divsion Launches Site On Competition In Your Industry: This is a warning to any professional tempted to fudge numbers on an appraisal, ignore guidelines, overlook an inappropriate gift, or consider blatantly ripping off the public. Although the internet is a very very big place to hide, the DOJ is beginning to look for you.

10. Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #5 “Global Markets”: Get Off Your Local Porch And Think Globally”: This article raises awareness of foreign investor money coming into the American market, sites that provide a glimpse of the European real estate market, and it is meant to force Realtors to consider expanding their “reach” for new business outside their comfort zones.