Realtor’s Guide To Blog Writing Tip #2: RSS Subscriptions–Grow Your Audience

The following video “RSS in Plain English” produced by childhood time tripping website, is a brilliantly simple way to explain the process of subscribing to a blog. RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” and it is one of the best methods to increase a blog’s readership, convert casual one time searches into daily visits, and to begin the viral marketing buzz a blog needs in order to become a vital marketing tool for business.

Added Tips:

1. is a fantastic source for blog “how to” articles

2. provides research content helping your knowledge base

3. is an expert in “explanation” saving writers time and words

Published Article Resource Guide: deansguide’s Real Estate Industry Articles Published on, Reuters, And

Today is the launch of deansguide’s “Published Article Resource Guide” page created to provide a quick, organized, and easy to utilize go-to source of how to’s, tips, guides, and steps to improve your business. This page and subsequent published article resource guide pages will be located on the right sidebar just below the “archives” page on deansguide.

The first installment is the Page titled: deansguide’s articles published

The focus is on the real estate industry but these articles can help anyone needing an infusion of new ideas, strategies, or solid advice.

How do I know these articles are worthy of your time?

Everything on this reference page has been reviewed by professional editors and published by Subsequent pages for articles published by UK World News and’s “The Professional Network Small Business Resource Center-Small Business Tools” will be created in a few days.

If you like this idea and have comments, questions, or tips please leave your impressions below or email us at

“Why Being First In Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business”: Cornell Study Latest Blast To Realtor Community

One of the must read blogs in the blogosphere,, outlined a 2006 Cornell University study that is a call to arms for real estate brokers and agents yet to adopt blogging as a marketing tool.

In the article “Why Being First in Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business” the following points are vital to your business:

1. 1st Position in Google: ranking #1 on page 1 of a Google search “will get you more than half of the clicks on a given search.”

2. 1st Position vs 2nd Position in Google: Ranking “first in Google will get you 4 times the clicks that the second position will.”

3. Top 10 Myth: According to “The ‘top-ten’ (Top 10 spots-page 1 on a Google search) itself is a very diverse group with the number of clicks increasing almost logarithmically as your rank grows.”

The most important point–“The first five positions get over 88% of the traffic, and the first three – 79%.”

Another blog to check into if you are interested in Marin County real estate is Ginger Wilcox’s (Pacific Union Greenbrae) blog Ginger provides timely news about one of the most expensive counties in the country to live. Good job Ginger!

San Francisco City Guides: How To Get To Know Any San Francisco City Neighborhood published this article February 10, 2008

One of the most intriguing, history infused, hands on methods of getting to know a San Francisco neighborhood is offered by San Francisco City Guides. The service is sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library and it is free.

The mission statement of SFCG:

“City Guides volunteers are serious about sharing the fun of discovering San Francisco and its neighborhoods. Our purpose is to preserve and perpetuate the history and folklore of San Francisco and to celebrate its rich history of cultural diversity. And in the spirit of our primary sponsor, the San Francisco Public Library, we provide this service free of charge.”

The advantages of SFCG to Realtors:

1. Welcome Wagon-provides a welcome to any city neighborhood with history and insider tips on the neighborhoods past and present day life

2. Independent Source-provides clients the opportunity to see the neighborhood without the perception of sales pressure or a watchful eye following them around

3. Valuable Source-sets the Realtor apart as a valuable source on city and neighborhood life

4. Realtor Education-Realtors can gain insight into the neighborhoods they sell and the neighborhood’s prior history by taking these tours

5. Entertainment-Realtors could identify the landmarks, entertainment choices, and restaurants within the neighborhood and draft a short list/map. This would give clients a hit sheet of fun ideas on their neighborhood and add to the tour’s value

California Victims of 1031 Exchange Rip Offs and Industry Professionals: You Better Look At This SB 1007 And Make Your Voice Heard Or Forever Hold Your Peace

SB 1007 is an attempt to wash away any memory of Mike Machado’s ignorance of the entire 1031 Exchange process, it’s rules, and the unregulated Dodge City atmosphere the industry has operated in (with impunity) to this point in it’s history.

If I were a California Qualified Intermediary, investor, or anyone involved in this industry who is an honest businessman I would be screaming from the mountain top. Be heard now or forever hold your peace!

In “No Wonder the 1031 Advance Fiasco Is Littered With ‘Dead Financial’ Bodies” I outlined the following:

1. May of 2007 when asked by the San Jose Mercury News about the 1031 Advance-1031 Tax Group fiasco led by Ed Okun, Machado was quoted as say:

“It appears the consumers are not protected. . . This is unforgivable. We’re looking at how best to address that.”

2. Why or how could a politician acting as the chair for the California Senate’s Banking, Finance, and Insurance Committee be so out of touch and ignorant to his job?

The following is the contact information for the Senate Rules Committee both address and phone number. I provide this information so that you may make your voice heard. After reading the committee’s provisions in the “Third Reading” dated Jan 18, 2008 you might wish to call:

|Office of Senate Floor Analyses | |
|1020 N Street, Suite 524| |
|(916) 651-1520 Fax: (916) | |
|327-4478 | |

Interesting provisions of this session begin on page 3 “Provides that a EF (Exchange Facilitator) is NOT any of the following:”

A. The taxpayer or a disqualified person as
those terms are defined under specified Treasury

Analysis: What Treasury “regulations”? And why are we involving more government bureacracy without involving any criminal arm of the government directly?

B. A financial institution that is not facilitating exchanges, but is acting as a depository for exchange funds or is acting solely as a qualified escrow holder or qualified trustee, as those terms are defined under specified Treasury

Analysis: Again we find Treasury regulations mentioned with no specifics provided.

And the most curious of all–

D. A person that teaches professionals about tax-deferred exchanges or trains them to act as EFs.

Analysis: How does teaching professionals about tax-deferred exchanges automatically disqualify that person from acting as a EF and why?

Final Word:
Again the fact remains the same: Dual Signatures is the only method that ensures that the investor has the ability to monitor the progress of the transaction in a transparent, above board, honest manner without any illegal removal of funds for purposes of gain by the Ed Okun’s or Donald McGhan’s of the world.

2 Principles of Networking For Realtors: “It’s Not Who You Know–It’s Who Knows You

Jeffrey Gitomer is the man behind the quote: “It’s not who you know it’s who knows you.” He is also the most important source for networking aka connecting in America today. Go to for a mountain of evidence on why this man is so important to your success.

I have spent the past 5 years attending networking events around Northern California including: 8 city marketing associations; 5 chamber of commerce chapters, Women’s Council of Realtors; Women in Consulting, National Association of Women Business Owners; Silicon Valley Startup Entrepreneur’s Association; Women in Human Resources; National Association of Realtors; Inman Connect Conference, 6 Technology fairs; California Mortgage Brokers Association; and Independent Brokers Network meetings.

I estimate that I have attended, in that time frame, some 600 events and meetings. I believe I have met at least 1,800 people in my efforts.

I have met fewer than 10 individuals who have connected or networked in the correct manneraccording to expert Gitomer. What is the correct manner or method to connecting and networking?

Principle #1 in Connecting: “Give First” rather than “ask for” first

Analysis: It sounds so simple yet it never seems to happen this way. The majority of people believe networking is about explaining what they do, who they represent, what their product-service is about, and how they can help you and the rest of the planet.

In reality those people give nothing, expect everything, rarely follow up, and are monumental “time wasters.” Simply put if you can’t do something for them they are not interested in providing value in return.

Principle #2 in Connecting: Help others get what they want as you are seeking what you want

Analysis: Although this is an old adage and delivered by countless people it still rings true today.

Have a plan for helping people you want to connect with while networking. Discounts off your product-services or introductory offers are NOT VALUABLE commodities that would create the perception that you add value to your connections.

What are the challenges facing your prospective customers in 2008?

What expertise do you have, contacts that you could provide, information that you could present that would truly make a positive impact on your prospective connection’s bottom line?

Once you answer those questions, you are on your way to building your networking efforts, connections, and one step closer to people knowing who you are!

WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg Raises $2.9M In Funding: Blogging Can No Longer Be Ignored By American Media Or It’s Advertising Clients

Today marks the turning point and trumpets the arrival of the sea change in American media and culture; the revolution begins as the preeminent open source software platform for blogging, WordPress, creator Matt Mullenweg has received $29.5 million in a series B Funding for his company Automatic.

This event validates, legitimizes, and transforms the once thought art form ramblings of a dissident few into the collective “citizen journalistic” revolution of the next generation multi media channel in America.

This event is akin to Ray Kroc applying factory assembly line processes to a small hamburger stand and changing the way Americans ate out. Food cooked fast, delivered faster, with a smile and little wreckage to your wallet.

If you remain skeptical then you MUST read Om Malik’s awesome article “ Creator Raises $29.5M” which gives the story of creator Matt Mullenweg and his role in the explosion of the blogosphere crashing the traditional media’s stranglehold on news.

In my opinion we bloggers are perceived and mislabeled similar to the rantings that accompanied the name Andre Agassi when he first burst upon the tennis world. Andre was about “image” but as we all came to find out–Andre had great substance and style. He won with class and he won often.

Analysis: We (bloggers and consultants) continually stand up and make the unabashed statement that “Blogging is the sea change and next generation marketing that will change the media world as we know it” and today is another large granite block in the foundation of that posit.

* For those business owners, especially Realtors-brokers and mortgage brokers, to ignore the declining readership numbers and declining advertising revenue dollars of the large print media giants is to ignore the sea change.

* For those business owners to ignore the fact that former writers and prominent journalists are creating blogs and selling their offerings through ad based models essentially becoming their “own brand” is to lack vision. These journalists are leaving the constrictions of their newspapers and branding the same way real estate brokers have been branding their businesses for years.

* The most obvious signal that the real estate industry should adopt blogging comes with the simple fact that major print media newspapers are now requiring their writers to blog, they are hiring outside bloggers to write for them, and they are establishing their own ONLINE newspaper sites (ie. NY Times and WSJ) to capture the lost revenue they are leaking due to the internet and blogging revolution.

Resource Guide of Bloggers: The following list includes bloggers who are helping to transform and revolutionize the media landscape as we know it through their efforts. These bloggers are providing (free of charge) valuable and business changing information, strategies, tips, how to formulas, guides, and list. There are thousands of dollars worth of free information jammed packed into this list. Take advantage.

Patrick Kitano
Kevin Boer
John Harper
Brad Andersohn
Melanie Narducci
Director Tom
Thomas Marban
Zoli Erdos
Susan Hanshaw and

WebGuild’s Web 2.0 Conference & Expo Silicon Valley: The Future Of Real Estate Marketing


If you are a Internet marketing professionals, Web 2.0 professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, real estate brokers, or product marketing managers then you should attend the WebGuild Web 2.0 Conference and Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley-Santa Clara, California.

Why should you attend?

1. Cutting edge topics: Information about the Web 2.0 World and marketing

2. Keynote speakers: luminaries from Yahoo, Google,, Oracle, Intel and top companies

3. Web 2.0 Startups Profile: See the newest business models, technologies, and ideas

4. Network: Gain exposure with top companies, new entrepreneurs, make contacts, gain customers

What will you learn?

5. Web 2.0: technologies, strategies, techniques, opportunities and risks.

6. Successful Business models: Secrets to success and ongoing development

7. Trends: the direction Web 2.0 is going and how to leverage this path

8. Best Practices: See what is working and why

The sponsors of this event are a who’s who of Web 2.0 and technology:

Google; Intel; Sun Microsystems; Zoho; Mzinga; andiamo; chirp; Bloofusion; OpSource; Position 2; Groove;, and Mashable.

The registration cost for the conference is $299 for members and $399 for non members.

Realtor Safety At Open Houses: 3 Tips And A Warning That Could Save Your Life

As reported by John HarperEast Bay Rapist Arrested” nearly a year ago, ex convict Daniel Duran was attempting to assault Realtors at open houses in the Dublin-San Ramon-Pleasanton areas. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident as described by the following video about similar activity in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Warning: Do not get caught in the “Earthquake Syndrome.” Even though we, here in Northern California know we are in earthquake country, very few take precautions and prepare a plan ahead of time.

Watch the video then please consider utilizing any or all of the security tips provided below. Be safe Not sorry!

3 Tips to Remain Safe:

1. Buddy up: When possible have a family member, co-worker, or affiliate work an open house with you. Safety in numbers.

2. Surveillance: Insist that your broker provide video camera surveillance with accompanying posted signs alerting the public that they are on camara for the safety of the Realtor. If your broker will not provide the equipment consider bringing your own video camara and set it up. At the very least post signs alerting the public that they are on camara. Sometimes just the signs alone will deter possible problems.

3. Connectivity: You must always have a fully charged cell phone on your hip for quick access. Leaving your cell in a purse, in your car, or on the desk is not good enough. In addition set up a system with your office where you receive 1 check in call per hour as a way to stay connected.

Independent Brokers Network Marin: Networking Power For The Independent Realtor

Today marked my third year attending the Marin Independent Brokers Network meetings. For any Realtor, broker, or investor interested in Marin County real estate this is a fantastic place to begin. The monthly event, normally on the first Tuesday of each month, was a state of the county address 2007 performed by long time veteran Marin Realtor Frank Soda of Sunshine Realty.

Frank focused on statistics for sales, days on market, market segments, and trends spanning a 20 year period. A interesting array of chart and graph information for Realtors. One of the most surprising pieces of information is the fact that Marin county sales were dominated by independents. According to Soda, over 50% of the homes sold in Marin in 2007 were sold by independent Realtors and brokers.

Today I made a few solid contacts none more interesting and legendary as Marin Realtor-Broker Peg Copple. Peg’s take on the 2008 market in sumary:


1. Do not listen: to the print, radio, or television media whose job it seems to sensationalize and miscalculate the data available. Headline seeking news should be ignored.

2. Just do it: put together as many listing appointments, sales calls, and client contacts as you can muster. Work the job the same diligent ways that you have in the past.

3. Be Positive and Write Offers: Dont’ be afraid to write offers in a market like the one we are in now. I believe Peg was also suggesting that by staying busy, writing offers, and remaining focused each Realtor should feel they have done absolutely everything possible.

If you are a industry professional or just interested in Marin County, the Independent Brokers Network Marin is a great place to find answers and new friends.